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06. Proof of Citizenship

As part of the naturalization process, you are required to produce a "Certificate of Citizenship".  Since this is a document to be obtained from your current government, the Japanese Ministry of Justice does not dictate the format.

Whatever document you use will have to be:
1. Issued by your government
2. Have your name and information
3. Prove that you are a citizen or national
4. Have a date of issue.

Some governments conveniently have such a document, and you can simply request it.  Many do not, and so you will have to get something similar and suitable, such as a "Passport Details" document.  

(One might ask "Why can't I just use my passport, then?"  The answer is that passports are valid for a very long time and the Ministry of Justice wants all documents to be recent.  You might have reported your passport lost, and then cancelled your citizenship for all they know).  

Presumably, the language of whatever you are using will not be in Japanese, so you will have to translate it into Japanese and include your translation at the time of submission.