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02. Family Outline

This is a document to give an outline of your family situation, to be filled in by you.  You will of course have to provide other supporting documentation, so be sure the information included here is correct.

The information to be provided for each person includes:
a. Full Legal Name (Converted into Katakana).
b. Birth Date (in Japanese Date Format). *
c. Age (if living, at the time of application).
d. Occupation (if living).
e. Address (if living).
f. Date of death (if not living).
g. Whether you are in contact with this person.
h. Whether they know about your application to naturalize
i. Their opinion of your application (Agreement, Oppose, No Opinion).
j. Contact telephone number.
k. If they are a naturalized Japanese citizen or have applied for naturalization, you must include the date they applied or were accepted.

The scope of who should be included on this document should be explained by your case worker, however don't hesitate to confirm if you aren't clear.  Typically your own parents, children, brothers and sisters will need to be included.  This may be a problem if you aren't in contact with them and don't have all of the required information.  On the other hand, you don't usually need to include your grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc.

* The Japanese format is called Wareki ("和暦"), and is based on the number of years the emporor has been in power at the date in question.  For example, January 1st 2013 is Heisei 25-01-01, which is usually written as H25.01.01 in Romaji, or more properly as 平成25年1月1日.  All of the documentation you submit to the Japanese government must typically follow this format which means you will have to convert the dates in documents you receive from outside of Japan.