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15. Tax Certificates

This section has at least two requirements for most people:
    If you are self-employed, etc., then the documentation will vary.

1. Tax Withholding Document / Gensenchōshū-hyō (源泉徴収票)
    This is a standard document provided by your workplace, similar to the W-2 form in the US.
2. Certificate of Income Tax Paid / nōzei shōmei-sho (所得税の納税証明書)
    They will probably want at least two varieties of this, for the last two years.

The first document will come by mail once a year from your employer.  This should come without you requesting it, but confirm with them if you don't receive it.

The second documents are ones you will have to go and request yourself at City Hall.  It is a good idea to request these at the same time as your Jumin Hyo in order to save yourself a trip.