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12. Residence Card

This is the card that you should have if you are a foreign resident in Japan.

There are two major types of cards that medium term residents could have:

Type 1: Certificate of Alien Registration (Gaikokujintōrokushōmeisho/外国人登録証明書)
This type is often abbreviated as ARC in official English documents.  This is now a legacy form of ID as it is no longer issued since 2012, however the replacement has not yet been fully phased in as of the time of this writing.

Type 2: Residence Card (Zairyū kādo/在留カード).
This newer type has been in use since 2012, and replaces the ARC described above.

Type 3: Permanent Resident Certificate - This is held by people with Permanent resident visas.  (People who don't need to renew their visas to remain in Japan).

Type 4: Special Permanent Resident Certificate - Help by second generation Koreans in Japan, etc.

You will have to submit two double-sided copies of whichever card you have.  The information here should match the information on your Jūmin-hyō and and your Certificate of Registered Information.

Since this card will be in Japanese, you don't have to translate it.