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11. Registered Information

There are two forms of registered information that you may have to request.

Part A:  Your Family Register (Jūmin-hyō/住民票)

This is a file containing all of the information about your household, which is maintained by your local Ward Office (区役所) or City Hall (市役所).

Obtaining this is fairly easy.  Go to the local city hall where your address is registered and tell the receptionist that you need a print-out of your Jūmin-hyō.  They will ask you to fill in a form and then you will have to show identification.  After a short wait they will prepare your documents, and you can pay a small fee and leave.  

You will only need two copies to submit with your application, but since you will likely need it for other things, it would make sense to get 3-5 copies.  On the other hand, if your Jūmin-hyō gets "stale" while you are working on other parts of the application process, they may ask you to prepare a new one.  

Ask about the ability to get a card which lets you use ATM like machines to print out your Jūmin-hyō yourself.  If available, this option is much faster and typically available at more convenient times of the day.

(Note that there are other documents which you also have to request from your local city hall, so it makes sense to consolidate your trips).

Part B: Registration File (登録原票).  

This is a file maintained by the immigration department, and is requested in almost exactly the same way as your "Entry/Exit Record".  

You will out an application, include payment in the form of revenue stamps, and include a copy of your Jūmin-hyō for proof that you are the one requesting your file.  

You only have to request one copy of this document, as you are permitted to use a photo-copy for your second copy.  You will receive back a file that basically contains a copy of the information on your Japanese ID card.

Since both of these documents are in Japanese, you just have to file them and show then to your case worker when required.