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10. Exit/Entry Record

This is the official record if your entries into and departures from Japan maintained by immigration.

The bad news is that even though it is maintained by the Japanese government, the Ministry of Justice will not obtain it automatically via internal channels.  You will have to fill in a request form and mail it in yourself with payment and proof of identity.

The good news is that since it is of course maintained in Japanese, you won't have to translate it!

Actually the immigration department of the Japanese government maintains this information for anyone who has ever crossed Japan's border, and anyone can request it at any time.  Most people don't know about the option to request this data, and anyway wouldn't have much use for it.

There is no online option for now, so the process works as follows:
1. Fill in the request form (provided by your case worker) as illustrated in the instructions given in the application manual.
2. Obtain an copy of your Jūmin-hyō (住民票) or another permissible document from city hall (区役所 or 市役所) and include it with your application to prove that you are who you say you are.
3. Fill out an include a self-addressed stamped envelope.
4. You have to pay the application fee in Shūnyū inshi ("Revenue Stamps" ・ 収入印紙) (Also used to pay taxes, etc.)  Do not use normal postage stamps. 
5. Send in your application by postal mail.  If there is any problem, they will call you to confirm your request.

Once you receive the official document back, make a copy and then compare it with the similar document you prepared for "Personal History - Part 2" to make sure that it matches exactly.  If you find any errors, you should notify your case worker immediately.