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01. Application Form

This is the official application form, filled in by you.  It is only one page long, however it must be accompanied by numerous other documents.  You must fill in your birthday, birth country, current name, nationality, your parents names, birth dates, and nationalities as well as your desired Honseki and name after naturalization.  

Note that Honseki is often translated as "Birth Place" (and for many people it actually is the same), but it is technically not your birth place.  The Japanese government uses this to decide which government office will be in charge of maintaining certain paperwork on you.  Basically, you can select any domestic address and leave off the actual building number.  You don't have to live there presently or in the past.  Note that the Honseki is considered private information, as identity thieves can find it useful to request documents about you, etc.

You also need to include contact information, and an appropriate and recent photo.  You should make sure the contact information is correct, as the staff at the Ministry of Justice will contact you if any questions about your application.

Note that certain portions of this document have to be filled in by hand in front of your case worker when you finally hand it in after all of the other documents have been prepared.  Everything else you can prepare on the computer.