What this site is (and isn't) for:
The goal of this site is not to talk about how cute Japanese Anime is, or to discuss the history of Japanese rock gardens or temples - In fact those things have been discussed to death already in various existing media.

No, the purpose here is not to be politically correct, but to say what others won't, and let you know what's really going on in Japan.  Some may disagree with the contents, or even find them offensive, but we will do our best to be realistic and honest, even if that means exposing the dark side of some issues.

This kind of expose is especially important in Japan, where there is a culture of sweeping issues under the rug in service of eliminating [the appearance] of conflict.

Furthermore, presenting this kind of information in English is even more important, since while Japanese people usually know what's really going on, many foreigners (even those living in Japan) often have no clue.

As is our consistent message, if you live in Japan or plan to live in Japan long-term, you should learn Japanese.  This will help you function as part of society in all walks of life.

However, we also realize that not everyone coming to Japan is there for the long haul, and it takes time to learn a language.  Also, even for people who know Japanese well, there may be some topics they haven't dealt with before (in any language).  Because of this, we will often present a summary in English and link to an official Japanese source with more details.

But why a new site?
There are of course many existing forums about Japan, but many of them are almost entirely run by end users.  Sadly, it becomes a case of the blind leading the blind.  Some asks a question, and a bunch of people who don't really know the answer and can't be bothered to answer it reply anyway.  Someone else disagrees, and soon things degenerate into a flame war and the question is never properly answered.  Many people new to Japan think the streets are paved with gold, while some others are jaded, which results in a wild difference in opinions and ignorance of facts.  

Things are different, and simple here.  You ask, we answer.  If we don't know, we research it and then provide a real, definitive answer.  We will lay things out in a readable format, including charts and graphs as needed, and real statics from reliable sources.  All of our content is answered by people with years of experience in Japan, reviewed by normal Japanese people, and proofed by native English speakers.  If you want to join our contribution team, please contact us.

About Negativity
In these pages you may find a lot of negative statements about the situation in Japan.  The intention is not to condemn Japanese society, but rather to give fair warning to people thinking of moving to Japan so they know what they are getting themselves into before they make the leap - and also to explain things that some people who have already moved here may have experienced, but not fully understood.  Truth be told, there are many, many positive things about Japan, but those most people can experience on their own.

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